Pipes are the arteries of economic systems, whether in an offshore industry, on the rough, open seas, in the nuclear industry in compliance with the most stringent safety conditions, or in the chemical industries as a transport method for the most aggressive liquids and gases.

In weathering the roughest environmental elements, pipes must satisfy the toughest standards. Each and every difference in material grade of steel can, through corrosion, lead to serious economic and ecological damages. A 100% testing ensures that the entire piping system, consisting of a multitude of elements, can withstand every aggressive environmental condition.

  • Identification of more than thirty different steel material grades
  • Testing of an object within two seconds
  • No need for any preparation of the objects to be tested

The data evaluation is carried out by an expert system that can be easily recalibrated and easily trained. The result of the material testing is transmitted to an external handling system.

The control system is based on a real time operating system and enables a secure and reliable operation of the testing equipment.

The graphical user interface is designed for intuitive visual operation. All measurement and operating data is logged and evaluated, such that the LIFT configuration can be improved with regard to the changing demands of the production line.

The integrated remote maintenance port allows for immediate technical support.

The casing is air-conditioned and is designed for operation under rough environmental conditions.
The very first LIFT testing units installed have already tested more than 5 million products within the last nine years of routine operation.