LSA GmbH, as a true pioneer, is successfully putting the advantages of innovative laser emission spectrometry into execution in industrial production processes. The goal is to identify and analyse process materials throughout every type of manufacturing process.

SML utilises this innovative technology for the chemical microanalysis of solid samples. In this way, SML enables the quality of the chemical compositions of materials and alloys to be analysed consistently over entire areas and enables a complete visual chemical element ‘map’ to be created.

SML – Area Imaging Microanalysis for process control and quality control.
The stable value of products and their parts is dependent to a large part on the materials used. It is precisely where long lifetimes and strain at stability limits are concerned, that materials and alloys of the highest quality are indispensable. To determine the homogeneity and the purity consistently, the element distributions from the expanded areas of the sample surface are determined and visually represented within a few minutes. For this purpose, a pulsed laser beam scans the sample surface with a test frequency of up to 1 kHz. The samples can be analysed right next to the assembly line by using SML. The results are directly available through the simple insertion in the sample cassette for those who need them.

    Benefits of SML
  • Unique quality insight: Element distribution of expanded areas of the sample surfaces with visual representation
  • Detailed, safe analysis: Simultaneous detection of, in principle, all elements of the periodic table of the elements, the detection of light elements such as C and B is also possible
  • Fast on the spot analysis: Simple abrading and ablating, analysis by the minute
  • Simple application: Sample is positioned by the sample cassette
  • Reliability: SML has been reliable for many years in day-to-day utilisation