TeleLis enables remote chemical element analysis based on laser emission spectrometry including LIBS – Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. TeleLis can be used for all applications where the access to the object to be measured is difficult, or where the surrounding conditions make the use of the LIBS system by an operator near the object to be measured impossible. TeleLis is a transportable LIBS system, equipped with an Nd:YAG laser with a 10/20 Hz pulse repetition rate and a double pulse option. The plasma emission is detected by a CCD-spectrometer that covers a spectral range of 178 nm to 520 nm with a spectral resolution of approximately 25 pm. The mechanical design of the optics is robust in order to avoid changes in the adjustments arising from transport or temperature influences. The coaxial beam guidance of the laser beam and the plasma emission allow for a compact design of the optics and an easy adjustment of the system on to the object to be measured with the built-in pilot laser. The integrated autofocus unit automatically focuses the laser on to the sample surface. For transportation, the optics can be folded into a transport container, such that the system is protected against influences from the environment, like shocks, water and dust. All components of TeleLis are monitored during operation and the control software continuously logs the system status. The TeleLis optics can be configured for various measuring areas, as required.

Technical Specifications
Laser Nd:YAG, 10/20 Hz, pulse energy 320 mJ, double pulse option, visible pilot laser
Spektrometer Multi-CCD, 178nm*) – 520 nm continual spectral range, spectral resolution approximately 25 pm
*) An inert gas atmosphere, e.g. Argon, is required for λ ≤ 200 nm
Beam Guidance Primary mirror with 300 mm diameter, coated in aluminium with a UV penetrable protection coating, focusing telescope with 80 mm diameter
Range 2 – 12 m, other measuring areas on request, autofocus unit
Weight 275 kg, power supply unit approximately 50 kg
Dimensions Approximately 1500 x 800 x 800 mm, power supply unit 600 x 600 x 600 mm
Software Graphical user interface, Windows XP/2000, remote maintenance